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New classes are arriving in Q1 2021

ACE plans on adding a number of exciting online courses, the first of which is expected to debut in the first quarter of 2021. These classes build upon the fundamentals of ACE Massage Cupping Level 1 and MediCupping Level 1, but offer a more focused look at specific techniques or areas of the body. As such, all students are required to have previously completed a prerequisite class with ACE prior to enrolling in one of our advanced classes.

Due to the complicated nature of needing to verify that a student has passed a prerequisite class in-person or online, we’ve added this “class” as a single point of approval for all of our future advanced classes. Register for this class once and you’ll automatically be pre-approved to take any of our advanced classes as we add them.


Have you taken a class with ACE yet?

Please do not apply for access to advanced courses until you’ve successfully completed one of the prerequisite classes listed below. Applicants who are not listed in our database of ACE workshop graduates will be denied access to advanced courses.

Advanced Class Prerequisites

Students interested in taking one of our advanced classes must have previously completed at least one of the following courses:

Qualifying In-Person Workshops:
Qualifying Online Courses:

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