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I Can’t Login!

Your login is tied to the email address that you used when you made your purchase here at Please double check to make sure you are trying the correct email address.

If you cannot remember your password, try to Reset Your Password. Once you’ve reset your password, you should then be able to Log In.

Please note: Your login information at is not shared here at

Where is My Equipment?

We don’t know, we only sell online classes here!

But really, ACE Institute Online’s technical support team is not located in the same state as the main ACE office and warehouse. We’re unable to assist you with anything related to your physical product order at This includes shipping, refunds, or questions related to physical equipment. You’ll need to contact ACE directly on the site where you made the purchase at. You can find the main office’s contact details at

As a general rule, many of the high-demand products may take a bit to get to you. Once the item is shipped out, you’ll receive an email that your order has had a note added to it. This will have your tracking details inside.

Where is My Certificate?

We do not physically mail you anything, including the certificate. Instead, our site generates a certificate that you may view and print online immediately after you complete your course. Your certificate is generated only after you fully complete all of the lessons in the course.

To view your certificate, go to My Courses, then click on the tab titled “Completed Courses”. You’ll see a button to view your certificate.

The Name on My Certificate is Wrong!

We’re happy to correct the name on your certificate. Please contact us for assistance.

Still Need Help?

For all other issues or questions, please open a support ticket by filling out the form below.

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