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ACE Massage Cupping Bodywork Therapy: Home Study – Without Exam (MC-P)

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This course is included with purchase of the ACE Massage Cupping™ Complete Kit. Final exam available as a separate purchase.
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by Anita J. Shannon
Price: $80.00
16 Lessons

Students will learn the fundamentals and techniques necessary to become a certified ACE Massage Cupping™ practitioner. This course includes a few brief lessons on the applications and history of cupping, followed by a full length instructional video hosted by Anita J. Shannon.

Please Note: This course provides only the information sections of content. It does not include the exam and certification portion of the course. This course is included as an add-on when purchasing an ACE Massage Cupping™ Complete Kit, and is generally not intended for purchase individually.

To receive a certification and CE credits from this course, students must also purchase ACE Massage Cupping™ Bodywork Therapy Level 1 – Final Exam.

This course does not include any physical equipment, nor it is absolutely required. If you need equipment, this course is bundled with select products at

I Need Equipment, What Should I Buy?


We recommend that students use our official ACE Massage Cupping™ Complete Kit. The kit includes a full assortment of cupping equipment, as well as a free exam-less version of this course.

After purchasing the Complete Kit, you’ll receive a coupon code via email to redeem your free course here. Students that wish to continue on past the instructional content to obtain CE credits and a certificate may purchase the final exam separately at a cost of $40.