MediCupping™ Therapy: VacuTherapies™ for Healthcare Practitioners – Full Course (MD-FC)

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Students will learn the fundamentals and techniques necessary to become a certified MediCupping™ practitioner. This course includes a few brief lessons on the applications and history of cupping, followed by a full length instructional video hosted by Anita J. Shannon. Finally, students must take and pass a final exam.

Successful completion of this course will certify you as a MediCupping™ Practitioner, and awards 12 CE credits approved by NCBTMB.

This course does not include any physical equipment, nor it is absolutely required. If you need equipment, this course is bundled with select products at

I Need Equipment, What Should I Buy?


We recommend using our MC-600 MediCupping™ Machine. This machine includes a full assortment of cupping equipment, as well as a free exam-less version of this course.

After purchasing the MC-600, you’ll receive a coupon code via email to redeem your free course here. Students that wish to continue on past the instructional content to obtain CE credits and a certificate may purchase the final exam separately at a cost of $40.

Please be sure to check with your state board to ensure that the use of cups is within your scope of practice. CEs will not be valid in any state that has determined cups to be outside of the scope of massage practices.


Course By

Anita J. Shannon