Stretching with Cupping

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Stretching with Cupping is an intermediate-level course intended to be taken after Level 1. As such, this course does not offer any instruction on the basics of ACE VacuTherapies. Students are expected to take a Level 1 equivalent cupping therapy course prior to enrolling in Stretching with Cupping.

Qualifying workshops include:

While we do not require any specific cup in the course, students are expected to train along with the course using their cups. The equipment featured in the video includes silicone manual cups and a variety of polycarbonate and glass cups. Techniques are demonstrated using an ACE MediCupping machine for suction, but these techniques may also be performed using manual cups if desired.

To best train along with the videos, it is recommended that students own a set of silicone cups as well a general purpose cupping therapy set that includes glass or polycarbonate cups. If you need equipment, we’ve provided some recommendations below.

Silicone Cups

Cupping Therapy Set

Introduction to Stretching with Cupping

Draping and Cup Selection

Arm and Shoulder

Latissimus Dorsi and Pectoralis Major / Minor

Neck and Jaw

Side Lying

Prone Hips and Legs

Supine Hips and Legs


Completing Stretching with Stretching